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            Researcher Spotlight

            Bhagirath Singh, PhD

            Discovery and Innovation are key factors that could change the course of what we do and how we do it. It motivates opportunities that are…

            Core Facilities

            Core Facilities Core facilities at Robarts support research in London and around the world.

            Welcome to Robarts Research Institute

            At Robarts Research Institute we’ve made it our mission to accelerate medical discovery. Right now, our?scientists are conducting basic and clinical research that will have an impact on many of today’s most devastating diseases.?This remarkable science is driven by a common philosophy: to bring medical discoveries and new technologies?faster?to clinical trial,?faster?to market, and, ultimately,?faster?to you.

            News and Events

            March 19, 2020 - Western efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine received a major jolt thanks to million-dollar investment by the Canadian…
            March 3, 2020 -Congratulations to Aaron Fenster, PhD, who has been appointed to the Order of Ontario – the province’s highest honour. The…
            March 2, 2020?- Researchers at Robarts Research Institute?are studying a molecule found in sweet oranges and tangerines called nobiletin,…